Free Agent Pitchers to Pick Up (5.28.09)


Hughes is looking to finally live up to the lofty expectations this season.

Rick Porcello (Detroit Tigers)– Pick him up while you can. He throws strikes and doesn’t try and strike everyone out. He is showing why he was a first round pick and is assuming his role in the rotation quite nicely. Picked up yet another win today and will continue to do so in my opinion. His ERA hovers around 3.50 and a WHIP of around 1.20. Leyland will continue to watch his pitch counts to prevent him from burning out at the end of the year. 

Phil Hughes (New York Yankees)– It’s hard not to at least take a look at this guy. Has just come off of an outstanding outing at Texas where he allowed only 3 hits, his last two starts have been great, and is showing signs of continual improvement. The K:BB ratio has steadily improved but just needs to limit the longball (6 HR allowed in last 23.2 IP). With the struggles of Wang and the injuries to Joba, Hughes could find himself cemented into the Yanks rotation soon enough. 

Joel Zumaya (Detroit Tigers)– I really think this guy is back. He is healthy, is hitting triple digits on the radar gun, and is sporting a nice 12:1 K to BB ratio. Zumaya is worthy of an add because he sits next in line to Fernando Rodney for the closers role. Rodney has had his highs and lows this season so I expect the resurgence of Zumaya to shorten the leash for Rodney from here on. 

Kiko Calero (Florida Marlins)– Similar situation to Joel Zumaya’s in that he is next in line to assume the closers job. Lindstrom appears to have settled down a little bit but his walks are still high which means he is susceptible to getting in trouble and blowing saves. Calero comes with a high K per 9 and a low ERA/WHIP. Only owned in 8% of yahoo leagues so keep an eye on him. 

Ryan Madson (Philadelphia Phillies)– Again, what can be said for Zumaya and Calero is the same for Madson. Lidge is no doing anything right in the ninth inning right now and you only wonder how much longer Charlie Manuel will stick with him. This is where Madson comes into the picture. When the phillies need a big out, he has been there to get it. A great ERA/WHIP/K per 9. If holds are a category then this is a must have. 

Carl Pavano (Cleveland Indians)– You may think I am crazy with this pick but take a look at his last 6 starts: 37.2 IP, 5-1, 3.58 ERA, 1.19 WHIP, 30 K’s. He has quietly become Cleveland’s second best starter next to Cliff Lee, and the bullpen doesn’t blow HIS games the way they do Lee’s. Only owned in 8% he is definitely worthy of an add. 

Nick Blackburn (Minnesota Twins)– With Nick Blackburn you’re certain to get one thing; Wins. He does a great job at keeping his team in the ball game and this year, while his WHIP remains high, he has managed to bring down his ERA considerably. Taking out one atrocious start against Detroit, he carries a solid 2.85 ERA. Owned by 5% he will be around for you to grab.


2 Responses to Free Agent Pitchers to Pick Up (5.28.09)

  1. Robert says:

    hey i’m visting from yahoo. who wins this trade? thanks

    Team A gets David Wright

    Team B gets Rafael Furcal, Matt Weiters, and Huston Street

    Team B needs a ss, catcher, and reliever

    • dredsox10 says:

      Team A wins. Furcal is not that good, Street is an average closer and you dont know how Weiters will do in his first year. Wright is established and consistent. Thanks for the post. Drop me some feedback on the visitor’s page!

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