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  1. louie ge says:

    i need a good utility player who hits for power i have some ideas but need a fresh mind can you help

    • dredsox10 says:

      First name that comes to my mind is Russell Branyan. He can easily drop 35 homers with that team. Im in a 14 team league and he was recently picked up so if youre in a league with 12 teams or less then he could still be available. Another possibility is Jack Cust. He has hit 26 and 33 his last two years and I doubt he would be taken in standard leagues. Thanks for visiting and I sure hope this helps!

  2. Cuban Dice-K Crisis says:

    I need to know what I should do right now in my 6 team league.

    My lineup:
    Bengie Molina
    Hanley Ramirez
    Raul Ibanez
    Carlos Lee
    Jason Bay
    Aaron Hill

    I’m thinking about picking up Vlad (he’s in FA), but I’m not sure who to drop. I’m afraid Rollins will start to get good late in the season, and Hill is hot right now. What should I do? I’ve also been thinking about Posada (FA) over Molina.
    And since Soria is gonna come off the DL soon, who should I drop from my pitching staff, Oswalt or Ervin Santana?
    I tr

    • dredsox10 says:

      -First off, I would definitely keep Rollins because I think he will be great the rest of the season.
      -Vlad, in a short league, is not worthy of a pickup for your team given your strong outfielders. You never know how he will bounce back from this injury, if at all.
      -Bengie Molina has been struggling this month, as im sure youre aware. However, the past couple years he has alway had his “down month”. Hopefully this will be it for him and he will continue back to his consistent ways. In a 6 team league, I wouldnt jump ship on Molina just yet.
      -I would drop Santana to pick up Soria. Last year, Oswalt had a poor first half like he is having now and was absolutely unhittable after the all star break. I would stick it out with him for the time being.

      Thanks for stopping by.

      • Cuban Dice-K Crisis says:

        Thanks for the quick response and advice. I’ll follow your advice and keep Oswalt, even though I’m frustrated by the loads of no-decisions he’s getting (though not all his fault). I’ll give maybe Santana one more start since Soria has I think one more week or so. Also I guess I’ll ignore Vlad and Posada for now.

        A couple more questions, will Aaron Hill keep up production or is this just a hot streak? Should I trade him now since his value is so high? As you know in a 6 team league, the regular season doesn’t really matter. I need players that will probably perform at a high level during the final weeks of the season.

  3. Croc9429 says:

    I NEED starting pitching, or I want to upgrade over Lowell and Chipper at 3rd. I have a crowded Outfield, with Hamilton, Ichiro, Dunn/1b, Matt Kemp, and Adam Jones. With 3 OF spots, and 1 Util, one of these studs rides the pine consistently (usually Kemp). Who should I target, and who should I trade away? Thanks.

    • dredsox10 says:

      -Chipper has absolutely no fantasy value in my eyes. To the Atlanta Braves, he is invaluable; Helping with the younger players, etc. So if you can trade him for a decent pitcher I would do that. Try targeting guys like Kevin Slowey, Dave Bush, RIck Porcello. Lowell should be a solid option at third base for you. I expect him to hit around .285, 25 HR, 100 RBI.
      -In regards to your OF, try and trade Dunn while his value is at its highest. His OBP is declining along with his average. You could definitely get a front line starting pitcher or someone like Kevin Youkilis at 3B.

      Hope this helps!

      • Croc9429 says:

        Thanks a lot. I appreciate the help. I’ve been wavering on whether or not to trade Dunn, but someone saying it was the push I needed. Thanks again.

  4. Trade Holliday for Hamels? says:

    I have N. Cruz, Dunn, J. Upton, and Manny in my OF, and could use more pitching.

    Good deal given their rough starts?

    • dredsox10 says:

      I would definitely trade for Hamels. Ever since getting healthy, his walks are down, his K’s are up, and seems to have regained the velocity on his fastball. What sold me on Hamels being back is his performance in Yankee Stadium; Pitched a great ball game where homers have been flying out of there. Holliday has gotten hotter as of late so I think this is a fair deal. You can definitely afford to trade him away. Good luck!

      • Trade Holliday for Hamels? says:

        What about Billingsley? Any other SP’s you suggest in a trade with Holliday?

    • dredsox10 says:

      I like Billingsley. Try going after Chris Carpenter if you want to take on the risk. Johnny Cueto is also a good pitcher to target. He has been consistent thus far.

  5. Yankees4life16 says:

    Do I trade Greinke and Russell Branyan for Mark Teixeira???? Will Greike actually keep this up?

    • Yankees4life16 says:

      And is Greinke and Chris Davis enough to get Miguel Cabrera???

      • dredsox10 says:

        -I think Greinke is the real deal. Granted, I don’t see him carrying a sub-1.00 ERA the entire year. He will get hit by some teams… obviously. I do have an issue with the team he is on though. They started hot but I think they are beginning to come back down to reality. That being said, I think his Wins will suffer.
        -I would not trade Greinke and Davis for Cabrera. I think you’re giving up far too much.
        -I would definitely do the Greinke and Branyan deal; Assuming you can afford to trade Greinke in the first place. I think Teixeira is gonna have a career year after his slow start.

  6. Bill says:

    ooops I posted this is the wrong section but here is my (long winded question)

    Hey nice blog I appreciate the help, I’m looking for some pitching strategy/advice I am in a h2h 12 team mixed league. I decided to ignore the saves category all together. I have some horses on my roster in Lincecum, Haren, Billingsley, also I hit on a few mid to deep round selections with Eric Bedard and Johnny Cueto.

    Rounding out my rotation I have a lot of marginal prospects, with Max Scherzer being the most promising, I also start Jordan Zimmerman, Sean Marshall, Matt Harrison… I recently dropped Matt Palmer and Manny Parra. I generally always win the K category, and usually win or tie the W category, where I am having trouble is in the e.r.a and whip categories and obviously saves. My question is should I get rid of some of my marginal SP prospects in favour of non-closing relievers with strong stats/peripherals (whip, era and K/ per 9inning) like Ramon Ramirez, Matt Guerrier, Mark Difelice, Joel Zumaya?

    • dredsox10 says:

      Wow you have some great starters there. If holds are a category then I dont think you can go wrong with any of those guys. Regardless, here is my break down of the relievers you mentioned:

      -Ramon Ramirez- Coming from a Sox fan, I love this guy and what he does out of the bullpen. He will definitely help your ERA and WHIP and might get a save chance here or there but it’s doubtful. He is not much of a strikeout pitcher so it wouldn’t help you out much there. Papelbon has struggled just a bit this year so a name to look out for would be Takashi Saito. I’m not saying Pap will lose his job but if he continues to keep the high WHIP, he will keep getting in trouble in the ninth inning.

      -Matt Guerrier- One bad outing has inflated his ERA and I think he is a solid bridge to Nathan in the ninth. He could get you some cheap saves when Nathan has the night off, but Matt will certainly get you a low WHIP.

      -Mark DiFelice- This guy doesn’t have the best stuff around but he finds ways to get hitters out. He doesn’t walk hitters which is a big plus and has a solid K per 9 rate.

      -Joel Zumaya- I think he has the biggest upside out of all of these relievers. Rodney is not a proven closer so Zumaya could get the nod at any point. He appears healthy again and is reaching triple digits on the radar gun. Recently had a bad outing so I would look to see how he rebounds from that.

      To rank them: Zumaya, Ramirez, Difelice, Guerrier. In my opinion, I would trade Zimmerman or Marshall to get one of these guys. You have the SP to spare. Good luck!

  7. Ray says:

    All right, I’m in an 8 team league where we keep 5 guys year to year. I’ve been offered R Braun and R Ludwick for my C Quentin, J Shields, and M Lowell. Obviously on paper, it’s a no-brainer to accept; however, if I accept, once Ludwick’s healthy, I’d have to bench one of my players (who shouldn’t be benched). I’m not a huge fan of making a trade just to get trade bait as my league is active but hesitant to trade.

    Here’s my team. What are your thoughts on the trade considering the fact that I may not be able to get fair value for any of my OF or 1B if I tried to deal them? Would I be better off trying to counter and asking for Mo Rivera over Ludwick?

    C- Sandoval
    1B- Fielder
    2B- B Roberts
    3B- M Cabrera
    SS- A Cabrera
    IF- Morneau
    OF- Hamilton, Pierre, McLouth, C Lee
    UTIL- Votto
    BN- Lowell, Quentin, Reyes, Hudson
    SP- J Santana, Billingsley
    RP- Fuentes, Qualls
    P- Verlander, Gallardo, Franklin
    BN- J Shields
    DL- Valverde

    I’d pick up E Volquez (who was just dropped) with my free roster spot to replace Shields.

    • dredsox10 says:

      Quite frankly, I would much rather have a guy on my bench who shouldn’t be, than a guy in my lineup who shouldnt be. You have a solid squad but having guys like Hamilton, Votto, and Reyes leaves you susceptible to the injury bug. I would do the trade (Braun/Ludwick for Shields/Quentin/Lowell) and have the extra player there to fill in for injuries or days off and to play the “batter v pitcher matchups” in your favor. You will have a problem with too many good players, but a nice problem to have. Also, you have to think Juan Pierre will be the odd man out once Manny comes back. Hope this helped.

      • Ray says:

        Yeah, all that makes sense. I just wanted to make sure. Like you said, having too many good players is a nice problem to have. Thanks for the help. And from the looks of it, you’ve got a nice site going here. Keep up the good work man.

  8. Valdo says:

    I have Webb and Valverde in my DL spots and I dont know which 2 players to drop when they both come back.
    I need your help…Which players should I drop and why?
    Thanks =D

    MY DL Spot Players (2):
    Webb and Valverde

    My Team:

    Víctor Martínez
    Lance Berkman
    Dan Uggla
    David Wright
    Asdrubal Cabrera
    Carlos Lee
    Nelson Cruz
    Shin-Soo Choo
    Álex Rodríguez
    Michael Young
    Mike Cameron
    Bobby Abreu

    Johnny Cueto
    Wandy Rodríguez
    Brian Wilson
    Kerry Wood
    Ted Lilly
    Frank Francisco
    George Sherrill
    James Shields
    Chris Young

    • dredsox10 says:

      I would drop Chris Young- He is too inconsistent on an inconsistent team. He has too high of a WHIP and ERA to be a pitcher in the NL West. Having Webb replace him would be a huge upgrade.
      I would actually keep Valverde on the DL until he shows positive signs. You have enough good closers so if he doesnt produce then you should just drop him. If you were to drop anyone I would go with Cameron. He has slowed up considerably this month and you have much better OF options.

      Thanks for visiting and please come back.

      • Valdo says:

        Thank You very much. I Appreciate it and I will gladly come back when I need you help. =d

    • dredsox10 says:

      Sounds good. As you can see I post daily on various topics so check back in and leave some comments.

  9. monchi says:

    1. team a gets: utley, holliday and saunders
    team b gets: mauer and dye

    2. team a gets: zimmerman and pence
    team b gets: ibañez

    3. team a gets: fielder, chamberlain and ethier
    team b gets: adrian gonzales

    • dredsox10 says:

      1. Team A wins- Mauer is great but youre getting the same numbers from Utley, therefore they can cancel out. Ill take Holliday and Saunders over Dye any day.

      2. Team A wins- Pence is a solid OF and Zimmerman is one of the best 3B. Ibanez is one of the hottest players right now but he won’t keep up his pace all season. 3B are harder to come by than OF.

      3. Team A wins- Gonzalez will put up slightly better numbers than Fielder at seasons end but when you throw in Chamberlain (who can pitch well at times) and Etheir (who will be much better when Manny returns) then the deal is in heavy favor of Team A

      I hope this helps and please come back again.

  10. Ryan says:

    What can I do to improve my team? Who to Trade?
    12 Team Head to Head

    C Mauer
    1B Helton
    2B Derosa
    3B Beltre
    SS Hardy
    OF Granderson
    OF Bay
    OF Braun
    UT Bruce
    BN Wieters
    BN Atkins

    Someone dropped Ludwick and I was thinking of picking him up and dropping Atkins…But I dont really have a place in the lineup for him, might give me more ammunition for a trade though?

    • dredsox10 says:

      Drop Atkins to pick up Ludwick. That will give you trade bait for an upgrade at 3B. Also, test the trade waters for Wieters. Sitting behind Mauer on your team, he certainly wont be seeing much time. Try and get some value for him now just in case he doesnt stay up in the majors this season. He is the top prospect for a reason, but you never know what may happen. Thanks for stopping by, be sure to come back, and feel free to comment on my posts in the main page.

  11. chris says:

    is it worth using a #4 waiver on garrett atkins? hes freaking 29, but oddly, he cant hit anymore. i already got lowell and chris davis at 3b and adrian gonzalez at 1b, but i think it might be good idea to stash him for now

    a guy offered me arod, felix, and pence for wieters, lincecum, scherzer, and valverde. personally, i dont like the trade offer at all even though arod is hella good. what do u think? and nice site

    10 team league h2h
    extra cats: hits, obp, slam, ip, cg, qs
    C Wieters
    1B Gonzalez
    2B Utley
    3B Lowell
    SS Hanley
    OF Ibanez
    OF Holliday
    OF Dye
    Util Pierre (just accepted trade for quentin, but it might get vetoed)
    BN Chris Davis

    SP Lincecum, Peavy, Bedard, Volquez, Scherzer, Danks, Maholm, Price, Webb DL, Pineiro (dropping him)
    RP Nathan, Sherrill, Valverde DL

    • dredsox10 says:

      -I would not use a #4 waiver on Atkins. You will get much more out of Lowell and the strikeout king (Davis).
      -I would not do that trade for Arod, Felix, and Pence. It would leave you w/o a catcher, you get no upgrade at SP, and you have enough offense to where you could do without ARod.

      Thanks for stopping by and come back to check out my daily posts.

  12. bob says:

    I’m thinking of trading Manny.First is it a good idea to trade him?Second who should i look to get in return?

    THANKS bOB p.s. I like your site just bookmarked it

    • dredsox10 says:

      If you can trade Manny, then I would. He is a while away from returning to LA. Find someone who needs an OF and see if they have a pitcher or infielder to trade away. They may be desperate enough to where they don’t care if he will be out for the next month.

  13. james nicolas says:

    I’m in a 9 team rotisserie league, so far here is how i rank….

    R- 2nd
    HR- 2nd
    RBI- 2nd
    SB- 3rd
    AVG- 5th
    W- 4th
    SV- 5th
    K- 5th
    ERA- 8th
    WHIP- 8th

    Here is my roster

    C- Matt Wieters
    C- Jorge Posada
    1B- Carlos Pena
    1B- Prince Fielder
    2B- Brian Roberts
    SS- Stephen Drew
    3B- Evan Longoria
    3B- Alex Rodriguez
    OF- Jacoby Ellsbury
    OF- Adam Jones
    OF- Vladimir Guerrero
    OF- Corey Hart
    OF- Andre Ethier
    SP- Wandy Rodriguez
    SP- Javier Vasquez
    SP- Cliff Lee
    SP- Josh Beckett
    SP- James Shields
    RP- Fernando Rodney
    RP- Scott Downs
    RP- David AArdsma
    RP- Huston Street

    Notable Available Players

    INF- Lopez, Zobrist, Kendrick, Escobar, Furcal, Hardy, Sanchez
    OF- Cameron,Span, Cuddyer, Bourn, @#$%odome
    SP- Weaver, Jurrjens,Buehrle, Dice-K, Volquez, Duke, Wolf, Joba
    RP- Lindstrom, Capps, Hawkins

    I don’t think i need two catchers. I know i can’t use two 1st and two 3rd.
    My pitching has been terrible, but i think they will fix themselves in time
    Maybe replace shields? and get another closer?
    I KNOW i need a shortstop, but who to go for?
    and how to upgrade outfield?

    Any opinions on what to do?

    Who to trade? who to trade for? Who to pick up?

    any help appreciated

    • dredsox10 says:

      -Upgrading your OF- pick up Cuddyer and drop Corey Hart.
      -Trade Carlos Pena and ARod. You can easily go after Lincecum or Johan with those two guys. that will greatly improve your ERA and WHIP.
      -Josh Beckett is finding his form so stick it out with him. Pick up RICK PORCELLO if he is still available. Try and trade Shields for Kevin Slowey, he is turning his season around.
      -Stephen Drew could still have a good season but for the time being, I would pick up Escobar and drop Andre Ethier.

  14. Barry Lamar Jesus Bonds says:

    This is my team I’m in a 10 Team H2H league. My pitching has been dominate and I am wondering what pitchers I could trade for some more pop in my lineup, or maybe 2 bats for a better one. I picked up Wieters off FA list yesterday for Melky Cabrera. Zobrist is also available, would you maybe drop someone else in my lineup for him? Let me know what you would do, thanks in advance.

    Offensive Catagories AVG, R, HR, RBI, SB, TB
    Pitching Catagories IP, W, S, K, ERA, WHIP

    C Pablo Sandoval
    1B Lance Berkman
    2B Orlando Hudson
    3B Mike Lowell
    SS Alexei Ramirez
    LF Raul Ibanez
    CF Matt Kemp
    RF Vladamir Guerrero
    Util Aubrey Huff
    Util Hunter Pence
    Bench Matt Wieters
    Bench Adam Lind
    DL Jose Reyes

    SP Zack Grienke
    SP Chad Billingsley
    RP Mariano Rivera
    RP Kerry Wood
    P David Aardsma
    P Johnny Cueto
    P C.C. Sabathia
    Bench John Danks
    Bench Jarod Washburn
    Bench John Smoltz (DL)
    DL Scott Kazmir
    DL Brandon Webb

    • dredsox10 says:

      -You’re team looks pretty solid. I would trade Billingsley to a guy who really needs pitching. I really dont think Vlad will be that great this year so if you can get an OF for him then that would help.
      -Also, try and find another closer. Kerry Wood needs to be benched for the time being until he proves he can handle the role in Cleveland.

  15. pat s says:

    who should i look to buy low in my league
    and who to offer

    heres my team

    C Joe Mauer
    1B Casey Blake
    2B Dustin Pedroia
    3B David Wright
    SS Alberto Callaspo
    CI Ryan Zimmerman
    MI Adam Kennedy
    OF Hunter Pence
    OF Jeff Francoeur
    OF Carl Crawford
    OF Nick Swisher
    Util Casey Kotchman
    BN Andre Ethier
    BN Jim Thome
    BN Nyjer Morgan
    SP Edwin Jackson
    SP Clayton Kershaw
    SP Kevin Millwood
    RP Brian Fuentes
    RP Mike González
    P Brian Wilson
    P George Sherrill
    P Ted Lilly
    BN A.J. Burnett
    DL Edinson Vólquez

    • dredsox10 says:

      -Try and trade Callaspo for Stephen Drew. Callaspo started hot but is beginning to slide.
      -Alex Rios is also a good option for an OF upgrade. Swisher is in a terrible slump and needs to be taken out of your lineup.
      -Try and move Kevin Millwood and someone else for Lester. I think he will have a better season that what he has shown.

  16. Matt says:

    Here’s my current team. 12 team H2H.

    C- Baker
    1b- pujols
    2b- callaspo
    3b- arod
    ss- stephen drew, Christain guzman
    OF- Dunn, Markakis, Werth, Rios, Juan Pierre, Ludwick (dl)
    Util- Votto

    SP- Burnett, Dempster, Liriano, Randy Johnson, Wandy Rodriguez, Jered Weaver, Gil Meche

    RP- Lindstrom, Gregg

    1st off, I need to either make room for Ludwick or trade him since he comes off DL Friday… Is an offer of Ludwick, Callaspo for Alexei Ramirez a good trade for me?

    2nd, if that trade does not work. Who should be dropped to make room for Ludwick? Finally, what should I be targeting in trades/free agency to improve my team.

    • dredsox10 says:

      -If you’re trading Ludwick then I think you can get someone better than Ramirez. You could even go after Kinsler or Aaron Hill in my opinion. Ludwick puts up solid numbers and he proved he wasnt a fluke prior to his injury.

      -One guy you should drop is Gil Meche. He carries an extremely high WHIP and ERA. I would only put up with those high numbers if the guy is getting you wins, but he isnt even doing that.

      -One guy im high on is Rick Porcello. He is gonna be a solid pitcher this year for Detroit. I would even go so far as to to say pick him up and drop Guzman.

      Hope this helps and go check out the “future site” and let me know what you think, please. Im looking for some feedback.

  17. charles Y says:

    Keeper league…

    I get

    Álex Ríos
    Carlos Quentin
    Scott Kazmir

    I give

    Josh Hamilton
    Ryan Franklin
    Francisco Liriano

    What an outside view on this… I have my own opinions about these guys.. trying to weigh them out..

    Liriano hasnt fixed his throwing motion yet, which is why he had Tommy john. So I think he will be back there very soon… And I think Kaz will turn it around, but I also think Q is a one year wonder….lol…

    • dredsox10 says:

      Im starting to wonder the same thing with Quentin. I would rather have the side with Hamilton, Frankling, Liriano. Hamilton is better than both Rios and Quentin. Quentin can’t stay healthy and Rios has become an average fantasy player. Scott Kazmir hasn’t done anything right this season and although Liriano has had his struggles, he has at least put together good starts. If Franklin continues to close games out with efficiency then he will be plugged in there for years to come and could be a great fantasy pitcher. Hope this helped and if you could, check out “the future site” and let me know what you think. Thanks!

  18. Jared says:

    Which SP could I get with a trade of Quentin, Cuddyer, and Jurrjens?

    • dredsox10 says:

      Post the ones you do have and I’ll let you know.

    • dredsox10 says:

      If you can dump Quentin for anything, it would be a plus. I dont see him as having much value. Cuddyer and Jurrjens, however, should get you a top tier pitcher. Take a stab at Peavy and Erik Bedard. He is quietly having a good season.

  19. Josh says:

    Im currently in 3rd place, and im wondering if theres anything i can do to improve my team to give me a better shot at 1st, or do i sit and wait it out?

    of-granderson, rios, pierre
    bn-quentin, phillips

    sp-wainwright, billingsley, gallardo, lackey, slowey
    rp-bell, rodney, lindstrom, hawkins, bailey

    i just dropped brett myers for hawkins..lindstroms been shaky lately, so i figured id get hawkins to keep my era and whip down, instead of keeping myers, whos too inconsistent. Any thoughts?

    • dredsox10 says:

      You have a team that could definitely take down the league. With hill at 2B, I would try and move Phillips and Pierre for as good an OF as you can get. Find someone who needs a 2B and make an offer for their best outfielder. SP looks great and RP should be fine. Trade Quentin for whatever you can get, within reason. Hope this helps and if you could, check out the “future site” of this blog and let me know what you think, please. Thanks!

      • Josh says:

        i just offered phillips and pierre for ibanez. thin thats a good deal?

      • dredsox10 says:

        Given Ibanez’s hot streak, that may not be enough to get him. Add Gallardo and one of his middle ranged pitchers. See if he goes for that if he rejects your initial offer

  20. nickm says:

    I give Felix Hernandez, Derek Lowe, Carlos Beltran, Andre Ethier and Jorge Cantu.

    I get Matt Cain, Carl Crawford, Nelson Cruz and Ryan Howard

    What u guys think? He needs SP, I need SB. Or would u how would u revise it?

    • dredsox10 says:

      -Youre not giving up much by getting Cain and giving Felix
      -Nelson Cruz is an upgrade on Ethier
      -Carl Crawford is a steal machine so I would give up any of those guys for him since you need steals.
      -Ryan Howard covers your power numbers you would lose from Cantu/Beltran.
      -By doing the 5 for 4 trade, you open up a nice roster spot for a future pickup.

      I think it’s a fair trade and think you should do it. Hope this helps, and if you could, check out the “future site” of this blog and let me know what you think, please. Thanks!

  21. Garrett says:

    Should I make this trade?

    I get Josh Hamilton, Arimis Ramirez, and Scott Kazmir

    I give Joey Votto


    12 team standard 5×5 H2H re-draft league. Starting roster spots below in brackets:

    C (2) – Russell Martin, John Baker
    1B (2) – Miguel Cabrera, Joey Votto
    2B (2) – Alexei Ramirez, Kelly Johnson
    3B (2) – Alex Rodriguez, Mike Lowell
    SS (2) – Stephen Drew, JJ Hardy
    OF (4) – Carlos Lee, Matt Holiday, Andre Either, Justin Upton, Gary Sheffield
    UTIL (1) – Billy Butler
    SP (6) – Johan Santana, Zack Greinke, Aaron Harang, John Danks, Paul Maholm, John Maine, Chien-Ming Wang, Tommy Hanson, Hiroki Kuroda (DL), John Smoltz (DL)
    RP (2) – Jonathan Broxton, Kevin Gregg, Chad Qualls

    • dredsox10 says:

      Yes I would to that trade. Once Aramis comes back it gives you trade options for upgrades. It also opens up 2 roster spots which always comes in handy. Kazmir has been absolutely awful so I wouldnt start him until he starts to pitch better. Hope this helps, and if you could, check out the “future site” of this blog and let me know what you think. Thanks!

      • Garrett says:

        Only problem is that there is no guarantee that Ramirez comes back this season – I have been hearing whispers that he may need surgery. And I’m a really high on Votto this year.

        And what do you mean that it opens up 2 roster spots? I will need to drop 2 of my current players if I accept this trade.

    • dredsox10 says:

      Yeah you’re right, I dont know what I was thinking. Im sorry about that. Well now that I’m thinking straight (ha), I would leave your team the way it is. If you were to drop 2 guys then chances are youre dropping a guy that shouldnt be. Sorry for the confusion. Just keep Votto.

  22. Joe says:

    I get: Alexei Ramirez, Jermaine Dye, David Price

    I lose: Ludwick, Callaspo, Jered Weaver

    My concern is that my pitching is fairly week…..

    Here’s my team, 12 team H2H

    C- Baker
    1b- Pujols
    2b- Callaspo
    3b- Arod
    ss- Stephen Drew
    OF- Markakis
    OF- Dunn
    OF- Pierre
    Util- Votto
    Bench- Rios
    Bench- Werth

    SP- Weaver
    SP- Wandy
    RP- Lindstrom
    RP- Gregg
    SP- Burnett
    SP- Dempster
    SP- Liriano
    SP- Meche
    SP- Porcello
    SP- Randy Johnson

    —- P.S. — I’ll need to drop someone I believe to make this trade work? Who?

    • dredsox10 says:

      I would do that trade. Callaspo is sliding while Ramirez is getting better so I think you steal this part of the trade. Dye and Ludwick will put up about the same numbers, but Ludwick is coming off the injury, so it will be better to trade him while he has value. Price looked shaky in his first start but he was striking guys out, so thats a good sign. I think you can afford to trade Weaver because Wandy, Dempster, Porcello will all be solid for you. I would drop Meche. Hope this helps and check out the “future site” of this blog and let me know what you think. Thanks!

  23. JT says:

    granderson for fielder–i get fielder…good trade-fair trade…also what 2b or 1b should i target when trying to deal beltran- no utley, kinsler, morneau, tex, pujols…would beltran for youk be fair?…or beltran for a gonzalez be fair?…thanks

    • dredsox10 says:

      -I think that is a good trade if you need a 1B. With the way he is currently playing, outfielders like Granderson arent too difficult to find. Fielder has gotten off to a slow start and still has managed to put up solid numbers. He is on fire within the month of May and I think he will continue that.
      -You might not be able to get either of those two guys given Beltran’s knee issue. With his age, a knee problem can definitely be a major issue. So I see why you want to deal him. You have a better chance of getting Youk for Beltran so try that. If it doesnt work, come back and see me.

      I hope this helps and check out the link on the right: “future site of bases and bets”. Let me know what you think. Thanks!

  24. Frank says:


    I’m in a league where hitters get 4 pts for R/RBI/HR, 3 pts for triple, 2 pts for double and SB, 1 for single and BB and -1 for k.

    I actually have Jacoby Ellsbury and I’m thinking of dropping it. He’s giving me 1.31 pts per AB.

    I was thinking of taking Luke Scott instead, who’s having a 1.81pts per AB without considering thursday night game.

    Should I do it ? I know Ellsbury if a freaking good player, but I think he’s playing right now the way we are expecting him to do except he should have more Run scored and more BB. As for Run, I guess it would be different if Big Papy was hitting the way he should normaly hit.

    Thx for your advices.

    • dredsox10 says:

      Well since I dont see the rest of your team, I will take the approach from two ways:
      1. If you dont have speed on your team and Ellsbury is one of your few guys who will get you SB and triples then I would hang onto him. The last thing you want to do is sacrifice your only point source for those categories.
      2. If you have a few speed guys and are looking for power hitters, then yes, drop Ellsbury for Scott.

      I hope this helpes and check out the link on the right: “future ste of bases and bets”. Let me know what you think. Thanks!

      • Frank says:

        I forgot to say that it’s not Head to Head. It’s points only type of game. So SB, give points but I won’t get points for having the most SB in the total week by week. That’s why I gave the point scoring system.

    • dredsox10 says:

      OK well I would still say the same rule applies. If you have other guys besides Ellsbury that will give you SB, triples, Etc. then do the trade. If Ellsbury is your only SB threat then don’t do it.

  25. Dre From Jersey says:

    Rate My Team: Any changes

    Mc Louth

    Lincecum, Verlander, Zambrano, Slowey, Garza, Jackson,Jurrjens, Qualls, Rodney, Downs.

    • dredsox10 says:

      From the looks of it, you have a great team. Two guys I would trade would be Inge and Jurrjens. Inge has always been inconsistent and his value doesnt get any higher than it does now. Jurrjens faded last year after the all-star break and if you trade him now, you will certainly get someone back just as good. Try going after someone like Chad Billingsley. Thanks for the post and check out the “future site of bases and bets” link on the right. Let me know what you think.

  26. Dre From Jersey says:


  27. kpm says:

    I have been offered Raul Ibanez and Bengie Molina for Victor Martinez and Bobby Abreu. I am leaning towards accepting it. I am in a 12-team mixed league. The position eligibility of the players is of no concern here.

    The reasons I would not accept this trade include
    -Is Ibanez going to keep it up? His highest BA for a season is .304 and his highest HR total is 33. He is .339 and 17 right now. Is he going to hit .330 with 40 HR? It’s possible in that lineup and that ballpark, but still a big jump for a 37 year old.
    -Abreu has won me a few weeks for stolen bases. Trading him might make SB a weakness whereas it’s now a strength (5-1-1 this season in SB). I have J. Upton who is coming along with SB, Hanley, and Asdrubal Cabrera as the only others that steal at all.
    -I really think Victor is going to maintain his monster pace for AVG, RBI, and Runs. But Bengie has more HR’s (8 v. 7).
    -To do this, you have to believe Ibanez maintains his tear and Abreu does not end up hitting 15 HR the rest of the way.

    • dredsox10 says:

      Ibanez obviously won’t keep up the pace he is on but I think he will reach the 40 HR mark and bat around .330 by seasons end. Molina has been the model of consistency for fantasy catchers the past couple of years and I think he will have similar HR/RBI stats as Martinez, whereas Victor will have a much higher AVG and Runs scored. Abreu is one of the most overrated players this year. He is in a soft angels lineup and isn’t scoring as many runs as years past. He has similar numbers to Michael Bourn, if that tells you anything. His HR numbers continue to decline so I would stay far away from Abreu and accept the Ibanez and Molina side. Thanks for the question and please visit the “future site of bases and bets” link on the right and let me know what you think!

      • kpm says:

        thanks, i pulled the trigger. i am going to pick up bourn, because i have some redundant outfielders taking up one OF position (morales and cuddyer) and so bourn can fill in there. you’re right, to this point abreu is practically the same as bourn (bourn with a few more runs and abreu a few more rbi’s). i live in philly and the energy around raul is amazing. in that lineup and ballpark he will keep hitting, though i think victor will have a huge year and not slow down all that much. i’m in 8th place out of 12 so i need to try to make up some ground.

  28. Croc9429 says:

    I just got offered a trade:
    I Get: Brian McCann and Jonny Cueto
    I Give: Jonathan Broxton and Kevin Slowey

    My catcher right now is Pablo Sandoval, and my closers are Broxton, Frank Fransisco, Mariano Rivera, Scott Downs, Joel Hanrahan. Broxton has been awesome, and Slowey has been turning it around lately….This offer is a counter-offer in response to my offer of Adam Dunn and Mariano Rivera for McCann and Billingsley. Should I take this deal?

    Thanks for any help.

    • dredsox10 says:

      I would accept the trade. You can afford to lose Broxton becaue Francisco is a beast, Rivera is solid, Downs looks to be comfortable in his closers role, and Hanrahan… well who knows, he plays for the Nats. You are getting a major upgrade at catcher and I think Cueto and Slowey, if anything, cancel each other out. I give an edge to Cueto because he is holding hitters to a .216 AVG while Slowey is getting hit at a .315 clip. Once you do the trade try and deal Sandoval to someone who needs a catcher in order to upgrade other areas of your team. Thanks for coming back the site. Have you checked out my future site? Let me know what you think.

  29. Anthony D says:

    what do you expect D-Train Willis’ to do this year? rebound? get hurt? or have another awful one?

    is he worth keeping on my team as a 6th or 7th starter? he is on a good hitting team so i can expect some wins. but what about everything else? i just looking for some wins, Ks, an extra Quality start, and a respectable ERA.

    i already have CC, Halladay, and Buerhle at the front of my rotation. as well as Shields and Edwin. Ohledorf is getting dropped after his start today and if D-Train has a bad start the same can be said for him.

    there are still guys like Blackburn, Cahill, Happ, Randy Wells, and Swarzak still there as FAs

    and reccomendations?

    • dredsox10 says:

      If he is your 6th or 7th starter then keep him on board until you get a larger sample size from Willis. He showed great signs last time out, but that little injury he had will be something to keep an eye on. Hang with him to see what he does. If he implodes I would pick up Blackburn. For my opinion on him, check out my “FA Pitchers” post. Thanks for the question, check out the “future site” link on the right and let me know what you think.

  30. Matt says:

    It’s a 12 team H2H league. Considering my pitching staff is now currently Wandy, Randy Johnson, Liriano, Burnett, Dempster, Porcello and David Price…I think I should target a SP…..

    I have Markakis, Dunn, Werth, Pierre, Jermaine Dye, Alex Rios competing for 3 OF spots (since Votto is my Util).

    Is a trade like Dye, Dempster for Chad Billingley good? Should I be shopping any other OFs for SP?

    • dredsox10 says:

      I think youre giving up a little too much to get Billingsley. Try trading Alex Rios and Randy Johnson for someone like Kevin Slowey. If his owners need an OF then I think he will do this. Hope this helps! Did you ever check out my future site?

  31. Waitzsauce says:

    What Out Fielder could i get if i packaged Corey Hart and Mark Reynolds and offered it to a HR dry team?

  32. Waitzsauce says:

    C Mauer
    1b Pujols
    2b Figgins
    3b Longoria
    ss Jeter
    OF Wells
    OF Hart
    OF Justin Upton
    Util B Phillips
    BN Cuddyer
    BN Reynolds
    DL Doumit

    SP CC
    SP Dempster
    SP Randy Wolf
    SP Millwood
    SP Volstad
    SP Garza
    RP Mo Rivera
    RP Aardsma
    RP Bailey

    • dredsox10 says:

      Can you post his team as well. I could end up telling you to trade for guys he doesnt even have and give him guys he doesnt need.

  33. John says:

    I have been offered Soto for Huston Street. I also have Broxton, Capps, and Hanrahan as closers. My catcher is Saltalamacchia, so while I would like the upgrade at catcher, I wonder if Soto turns his season around. Sophmore slumps can be killer. It does seem as if he is in the midst of a turnaround, but too short to tell for sure. Thoughts?

    • dredsox10 says:

      Soto has turned his season around a little bit. He is batting .288 in May but I think Salty is a better option for you. He carries a .250 AVG but is on pace for 20+ HR and 80 RBI. Those are pretty solid numbers for a catcher. I would stick with Salty for now.

  34. Waitzsauce says:

    His team:

    C Barajas
    1b Branyan
    2b hudson
    3b Lowell
    ss reyes
    OF Hawpe
    OF Cruz
    OF Werth
    util ludwick
    bn berkman
    bn alexei ramirez
    bn bj upton
    bn jose lopez

    sp beurle
    sp liriano
    sp oswalt
    sp meche
    sp danks
    rp papelbon
    rp downs

    • dredsox10 says:

      I think you can trade Reynolds and Hart for Nelson Cruz. He really doesnt need Hart so while I think the the trade is fair, he may not do it. If he doesn’t accept it then come on back here and let’s see if we can worth something else out.

  35. Jeff D says:

    I checked out your blog I like it,looking for help often.2 ques please,my R Zimm for his M Young my ss are C Guzman and JJ but I could use Mark Rey or Cas Blake or Youk at 3rd and Helton at 1st also my A Hill and M Cain for his Br Phillips and H Street only have Brox and Downs with Jose V last in saves Thanks and sorry for the paragraph

    • dredsox10 says:

      ZImmerman for Young- I think you can get a lot more for Zimmerman. Young’s power numbers have slowed considerably while his AVG has gone up. See what else you can get for Zimmerman because he is one of the better 3B in the game. You can definitely deal him because you have solid backups at third in Reynolds, Blake, and Youk.

      If you have enough starting pitching to where you can trade away Cain then I MIGHT do that trade. You could get much more back for those two guys. I like Phillips and think he is going to get hot but I would seek a better closer than Street. He has been good lately but I like going after closers who are on better teams. And with Clint Hurdle being fired this afternoon, it tells you what kind of position the Rockies are in.

      I hope this helps, please check out the “future site of bases and bets” link on the right and let me know what you think.

  36. JOSE TAJES says:


    c baraja/posada Dl
    1b jorge cauntu
    2b canno
    3b A ROD


    • dredsox10 says:

      1. Trade Tejada for as good an Outfielder as you can get. Find a team that needs a SS and offer Tejada to them.
      2. David Murphy, Ken Griffey, Chris Young, Eric Byrnes Chris Sampson, and Chris Perez need to be dropped. Pick up the best available Free Agents you can find.
      3. Trade Jordan Zimmerman and Rod Barajas for Closers because you dont have one and more than likely, you need one.

  37. Mike says:


    I’m looking for advice on what to do with my team as it stands right now. So far I’ve had a fair amount of success with this squad however I’m afraid for its long term sustainability. Please let me know what you think are areas I need to improve in and where I should leave alone.

    Any other move suggestions would also be appreciated.


    C Joe Mauer
    1B Prince Fielder
    2B Dan Uggla
    3B Ryan Zimmerman
    SS Hanley Ramirez
    OF Matt Kemp
    OF Jacoby Ellsbury
    OF Shane Victorino
    DH Michael Cuddyer
    1B/3B Chris Davis
    C Matt Wieters

    CL Heath Bell
    CL Frank Francisco
    CL Brian Fuentes

    SP Zack Greinke
    SP Chad Billingsley
    SP Josh Johnson
    SP Chris Volstad
    SP Ryan Dempster
    SP Matt Garza
    SP Paul Maholm
    SP Tommy Hanson

    DL SP Justin Duchscherrer

    • dredsox10 says:

      I really like your team. If anything I would trade Maholm for another closer. Im not totally sold on Fuentes. If Wieters turns out to be anything that he is supposed to this season then trade him for a better 1B/3B. Davis can hit the heck out of the ball but as you probably know, he strikes out a ton. Try trading him and Garza for a better 1B/3B. I hope this helps, please check out the “future site of bases and bets” link on the right and let me know what you think.

  38. Nicky Punto says:

    Am looking for a little help on my bench for a spot starter. Head to head, 5×5, 12 team mixed league. Would you rather have Maholm or Jorge De la rosa for the remainder of the season?

    • dredsox10 says:

      Take Maholm. De la Rosa is the model of inconsistency. When he is good he is unhittable but when he is bad, its awful.

  39. Ryan says:

    How can I help out this team? It is currently in 6th out of 12 in a H2H Dynasty League.

    C- Molina
    UTIL-Hawpe, Morneau
    BN-Scutaro, Reynolds, Morgan, DeRosa, Stewart, Bourn

    SP-Lincecum, Greinke
    RP-Gregg, Lidge
    P-Joba, Kazmir, Cain
    BN- Burlehe, Sanchez, Meche

    • dredsox10 says:

      Drop Atkins and slot Reynolds into your 3B slot. Trade Derosa for an upgrade to Ethier. Ethier is struggling without Manny so keep him on your bench until Manny comes back. Trade Scutaro for as good a closer as you can get. Lidge is terrible right now. I hope this helps, please check out the “future site of bases and bets” link on the right and let me know what you think.

      • Ryan says:

        being that its a Dynasty League are you sure about dropping Atkins? You dont think he iwll heat up at some point?

  40. Jared says:

    My team has been getting hurt lately, what should I do to improve my team. I want to trade a couple guys for a top tier player. What should I offer to get one of these players and who should I go after?

    My team:
    C- Pablo Sandoval
    1b- Mark Teixeira
    2b- Aaron Hill
    3b- Evan Longoria
    SS- Alexei Ramirez
    OF- Carlos Beltran
    OF- Nelson Cruz
    OF- Andre Ethier
    BN- Michael Cuddyer and Carlos Quentin
    DL- Jason Bartlett
    SP- Chad Billinglsey, Chris Carpenter, John Lackey, AJ Burnett, Jair Jurrjens, Randy Wolf, and Zach Duke
    RP- Scott Downs, David Aardsma, and JJ Putz

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys.

    • dredsox10 says:

      First off I would start Cuddyer in place of Ethier. Try to trade Jurrjens and Beltran for Jason Bay. I think Jurrjens will fade the same way he did last year. It will be hard to get an upgrade at catcher but look for other alternatives because Sandoval might be heading to the DL. After Mauer and Victor Martinez, theyre pretty much all the same. Maybe Burnett and Sandoval for Bengie Molina. Sorry I missed yours but I hope this helps, please check out the “future site of bases and bets” link on the right and let me know what you think.

  41. Tim says:

    I give Lowe and Ethier

    I get Cliff Lee and Bengie molina

    my current catcher is C.Snyder and my OF is stacked w/Hamilton, Ellusbury, BJ Upton, JUpton and Adam Jones. I feel my weakness is SP w/Billingsley, Gallardo, Lowe, Wainwright, Wolf and Slowey as my pitching staff. What do you think?

    • dredsox10 says:

      I would for sure do that trade. Molina is far better than Snyder and Ethier is not that great without Manny in the lineup. You pitching staff isnt as bad as you think. Wainwright and Slowey are beginning to find their form while Billingsley is a stud. I hope this helps, please check out the “future site of bases and bets” link on the right and let me know what you think.

  42. Ryan says:

    Lee or Bedard? Who would you rather have and why?

    • dredsox10 says:

      It’s really close but I think I would go with Cliff Lee. They will both put up similar numbers but I think Lee is on the better team which will equate to more wins… hopefully.

  43. John says:

    I’m trying to trade for some pitching and unplug the cluster of outfielders I have.

    I have:
    Torii Hunter
    Nick Markakis
    Carl Crawford
    Jermaine Dye
    Alfonso Soriano
    Vladimir Guerrero
    Hideki Matsui

    The pitchers he’s really focused on trading are:
    Dice K
    Jon Lester
    Zack Duke
    Mark Buehrle

    What sort of trade should I make with this guy? I realize Matsui isn’t too useful in a trade at this point, but I thought I should show that I have him. My stolen bases are almost all from Crawford with some coming from Hunter and Jeter. Anything would help, thanks all.

    • dredsox10 says:

      Try trading Hunter and Guerrero for Lester and Buehrle. If he doesn’t do that then come back here and we’ll try to figure something out. I hope this helps, please check out the “future site of bases and bets” link on the right and let me know what you think.

  44. Better Luck Next Year says:

    Should I trade Edwin Jackson for Asdrubal Cabrera….I need some hitting.

    C Matt Wieters (Bal – C) NA
    1B Nick Johnson (Was – 1B)
    2B Ian Kinsler (Tex – 2B)
    3B Kevin Youkilis (Bos – 1B,3B)
    SS Hanley Ramírez (Fla – SS)
    OF Carlos Beltrán (NYM – OF)
    OF Adam Jones (BAL – OF)
    OF Magglio Ordóñez (Det – OF)
    Util Alex Rios (TOR – OF)
    Util Michael Bourn (Hou – OF)
    Util Brad Hawpe (Col – OF)
    Util Kendry Morales (LAA – 1B,OF)
    BN Russell Martin (LAD – C,3B)

    SP Roy Halladay (Tor – SP)
    SP Dan Haren (Ari – SP)
    RP Jonathan Papelbon (Bos – RP)
    RP Francisco Rodríguez (NYM – RP)
    P Yovani Gallardo (Mil – SP)
    P Jair Jurrjens (Atl – SP)
    P Félix Hernández (Sea – SP)
    BN Ervin Santana (LAA – SP)
    BN Edwin Jackson (Det – SP)

    • dredsox10 says:

      I actually think you can get more for Edwin Jackson. Try trading him and Alex Rios for a better OF. Someone like Granderson.

      • Better Luck Next Year says:

        I was looking to backup Kinsler and HanRam just in case….but I like your idea as well.

  45. Bernie says:

    Thanks for the Yahoo post, but I included my team on this post. I need pitching help…I was offered two trades…which would you take?

    Trade 1
    I get Johan Santana & Ichiro; I give ARod & Volquez

    Trade 2
    I get Johan Santana & Chipper; I give ARod & Volquez

    My team who’s near the bottom of a 10 team Roto league.
    C Víctor Martínez
    1B Ryan Howard
    2B Chase Utley
    3B Álex Rodríguez
    SS J.J. Hardy
    OF Matt Holliday
    OF Juan Pierre
    OF Shane Victorino
    Util Chone Figgins
    BN Vladimir Guerrero
    BN Brad Hawpe
    BN David Ortiz

    SP Joe Saunders
    SP Ubaldo Jiménez
    SP Rich Hill
    SP Gavin Floyd
    SP Kris Medlen
    RP Trevor Hoffman
    RP Kerry Wood BN Carlos Zambrano
    BN John Danks
    BN Chris Young
    BN Rich Harden
    BN Edinson Vólquez

    • dredsox10 says:

      I really don’t think Chipper has any fantasy value. He doesn’t play everyday and his numbers aren’t that great. I would do trade 1. You get a reliable player with Ichiro and the ace you’re looking for in Johan. I hope this helps, please check out the “future site of bases and bets” link on the right and let me know what you think.

  46. Valdo says:

    Yahoo baseball League
    11 teams Roto League

    Alexei Ramírez is on the FA list and i would like to have a backup..Also Hes available in many positions which very helpful to have. Who should I drop for him?

    Víctor Martínez
    Lance Berkman
    Brandon Phillips
    David Wright
    Derek Jeter
    Vernon Wells
    Johnny Damon
    Juan Pierre
    Álex Rodríguez
    Manny Ramírez
    Aramis Ramírez

    Zack Greinke
    Derek Lowe
    Joe Nathan
    Bobby Jenks
    Ryan Franklin
    Kevin Gregg
    Frank Francisco
    Jake Peavy
    Chris Carpenter
    Wandy Rodríguez
    Jair Jurrjens

    • dredsox10 says:

      Drop Vernon Wells or Kevin Gregg (You might not need 5 closers). Also, Look into trading ARod or Wright for a top tier OF. You have a solid team and I hope this helps. Please check out the “future site of bases and bets” link on the right and let me know what you think.

      • Valdo says:

        Before I make this move, Should I even try to get Alexei Ramírez?
        Would you do it based on this team…

      • dredsox10 says:

        Yes I would because if Alexei gets hot, which I think he will if you have read my recent “Buy/Sell” post, then it will give you endless possibilities for other trades.

  47. ease19 says:

    RE: Ibanez or Cano for a pitcher

    Trouble is he is asking for Verlander…I am dead last in every offensive category but near the top in pitching, since my roster has been recently geared to win the pitching categories. I may be able to pry both with Verlander and Hamels, but at this stage, is it worth it?

    C Jorge Posada
    1B Kendry Morales
    2B Mark DeRosa
    3B Chipper Jones
    SS Miguel Tejada
    OF Mike Cameron
    OF Jermaine Dye
    OF Michael Cuddyer
    Util Ben Zobrist
    BN Mike Jacobs

    SP Justin Verlander
    SP Cole Hamels
    RP Matt Lindstrom
    RP Matt Thornton
    P Mark Buehrle
    P Ryan Dempster
    P Dave Bush
    BN Roy Oswalt
    BN Kris Medlen
    BN Gavin Floyd
    BN Carl Pavano
    DL Kelvim Escobar
    DL José Valverde

    • dredsox10 says:

      I wouldn’t deal both of them. You want to have at least one dominant starter and you wouldn’t if you traded them. Just trade one for Ibanez. Package Cameron and Chipper for a better outfielder. I hope this helps! Please check out the “future site of bases and bets” link on the right and let me know what you think.

  48. V says:

    I can’t take waiting anymore. I offer:

    Dempster (a throw in)

    V Mart

    What do you think? Earlier in the year I scoffed when they wanted Braun for Wright straight up. I need the power. Wright is now a singles hitter, I am convinced. I have ARod and Aramis for 3B.

    • dredsox10 says:

      Braun is in a little power slump at the moment. Wright is in that huge, new Mets ballpark so I think you get the slight edge when it comes down to those two. I wouldn’t consider Dempster to be just a throw in. I really think he will turn things around. Nonetheless, I would do that trade since you have ARod at 3B. I hope this helps! Please check out the “future site of bases and bets” link on the right and let me know what you think.

  49. Richardson says:

    Hi! I am a “rookie” in an 8 team 5×5 league, I am third currently, and would like to pick up Matt Wieters, but not sure who to drop. I also need batting help- usually win Ops and Avg, but not other batting cats. One more thing- I have a hard time deciding who to bench of my OF… Please advise. Thank you!
    My team is:
    C Brandon Inge
    1B Prince Fielder
    2B Chase Utley
    3B David Wright
    SS Ryan Theriot
    OF Adam Jones
    OF Shane Victorino
    OF Jermaine Dye
    Util Aubrey Huff
    BN Hunter Pence
    BN Álex Ríos
    BN Troy Tulowitzki
    SP Zach Duke
    SP Kevin Millwood
    SP Wandy Rodríguez
    SP CC Sabathia
    SP Randy Wolf
    SP Chad Billingsley
    SP Clayton Kershaw
    SP Jon Lester
    SP Javier Vazquez
    RP Ryan Franklin
    RP Andrew Bailey
    DL Joakim Soria

    • dredsox10 says:

      Drop Kevin Milwood. he is a decent pitcher but not that great of a fantasy player. And in an 8 team league, you can do much better. A few solid OPS guys to go after: Youkilis, Justin Morneau, Brad Hawpe, Jason Bay. I would bench Rios until he gets his stuff together. Cito is still not happy with what he is seeing from Rios.

    • dredsox10 says:

      He’s struggling a bit now but he is such a great talent, I would have a hard time giving up on him now. SS is such a shallow position.

  50. DC says:

    should i drop dice k? other SPs like Happ, bannister, porcello + others are still available

    • dredsox10 says:

      I wouldn’t drop Dice K until he continues to struggle. However, I would find someone you can drop now and pick up Porcello. I like this kid a lot.

  51. Waitzsauce says:

    no question here, but i wanna congratulate you, this is the first blog that is someone spams the yahoo boards with that is actually good!

  52. ease19 says:

    RE: Trade

    So this is the trade I made…

    SP Verlander
    SP Oswalt
    3B C.Jones
    OF Cameron


    OF Ibanez
    OF Holliday
    2B Cano

    Did I work it out for a lineup with tons of pitching and no pop?

  53. kpm says:

    My offense in my 12 team mixed league has suffered big time (I have Votto on the DL and Manny has to stay on the bench (I tried to trade him early in the suspension but no one would give a quality player)). I was also counting on Ortiz for some big numbers (before I finally traded him two weeks ago for Ethier). I don’t think I should be relying on Jerry Hairston on an everyday basis. I guess I could use any offensive player if I decide to drop Ethier. Some of the more appealing free agent options include Luke Scott, Michael Bourn and Willy Taveras (I could use SB’s), James Loney, Gary Sheffield, Cody Ross, Yunel Escobar, Scott Hairston, Casey Kotchman, Jose Guillen, Billy Butler, Jack Cust, Joe Crede, Gerardo Parra. Not a great list, but are any of these guys better options than Ethier? Obviously, Luke Scott is on a tear and he can be really good I think. Here is my offense. I have to hold onto Manny on the bench and Hairston can do all positions except C and 1B.

    C Bengie Molina
    1B Nick Johnson
    2B Asdrubal Cabrera
    SS Hanley Ramirez
    OF Michael Cuddyer
    OF Raul Ibanez
    OF Justin Upton
    UTIL Jerry Hairston
    BN Ethier
    BN Manny

  54. RK says:

    I’m in a 12 team Head to Head League and am currently in 1st.

    With Bartlett on the DL I have a hole at SS and don’t have an empty roster spot. Who should I drop to make room for a SS or should I just wait until he comes back…I’m 10-0 this week without him. Any other improvements you see I could make? I have a plethora of SP’s I could trade.

    C- Russell Martin
    1B- Carlos Pena
    2B- Ben Zobrist
    3B- Evan Longoria
    SS- Jason Bartlett (DL)
    OF- Jason Bay, Ryan Ludwick, Juan Pierre
    UTIL- Jay Bruce
    BN- Jason Werth
    BN- Matt Wieters

    SP- Tim Lincecum, Dan Haren, David Price, Jair Jurjjens, Matt Garza, Jon Lester, Max Scherzer, Rick Porcello, Edinson Volquez

    RP- Francisco Cordero, George Sherrill

    • dredsox10 says:

      Post this to my new site, sorry for the inconvenience. You can find the address on the home page. Thanks!

  55. JOSE TAJES says:

    here what my team look like now where do i need to upgrade i drop some players u guys subjested but where can i up grade who can i offer for trades some free agents am going to list who can i droped and who to pick up

    2B CANNO
    3B A ROD










  56. JOSE TAJES says:


  57. JOSE TAJES says:


    3B AROOD



  58. JOSE TAJES says:


    TEAM A

    2B CANNO
    3B AROD


    GUZZMAN ss
    TEJADA/ sS
    BARAJAS / cc
    ROSS c / LF CF / RF

    TEAM B

    RF DYE
    UT D LEE


    1B LA ROCH


  59. JOSE TAJES says:






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